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Fast , Worry Free Export to Countries Around the World

In-land Transport

We arrange transportation of each vehicle from its point of origin to the port of export. We handle all logistics in house, not through a transport broker. This allows us to move vehicles quicker and with less risk of delays and damage.


Every vehicle ordered through us is fully insured to cover any potential damage that might occur by accident during inland transport. You also can choose to purchase marine insurance to cover ocean transport.

Ocean Freight

Unlike some other vehicle export companies, we manage both inland AND ocean transport of your orders. This creates a more complete solution for you, and allows us to determine the overall best routes and rates in order to minimize your costs.

Export Docs - Customs Clearance

We provide all of the documentation that is necessary for the export process—and we do so in a timely matter to ensure expeditious transport. Our skillful management of this important paperwork, along with the other logistics listed above, produces a highly efficient shipping process.

Global Coverage

At GMTI, we specialize in procuring the most desired vehicles from the vibrant markets of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and delivering them to destinations across the globe. With our seamless shipping solutions and comprehensive services, we ensure that your dream vehicle reaches you wherever you are in the world.

What sets us apart is our ability to offer flexible financing options and insurance coverage for your transactions. Whether you're an importer looking to expand your inventory or a passionate car enthusiast searching for that perfect ride, GMTI has you covered.

We pride ourselves on our global reach, with the capability to ship to nearly every corner of the world. From the bustling streets of Asia to the cosmopolitan cities of Europe and beyond, GMTI can facilitate deliveries to a wide range of destinations, including but not limited to China, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the European Union, Dubai, various African countries, the Stans, and we're constantly expanding into South America.


Experience the convenience and reliability of GMTI as we connect you with the finest vehicles from North America. Let us make your importation journey smooth, secure, and satisfying. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities with GMTI.

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